We want you… to work for the 5k Foam Fest!

StaffWant to join this good lookin’, foam lovin’, fun havin’, group of people? 


The 5k Foam Fest is looking for promo people in the city near you! This job is perfect for someone who needs a flexible schedule, such as students or part time workers.

Requirement: Must love foam!

College students: Need a summer internship? We may even be able to get you school credit depending on your University!

If you’re interested shoot an email with your resume to yourock@roundhouseracing.com

Don’t want a whole job but still interested in promoting in exchange for discounts and free swag? Still shoot us an email. We love bloggers, youtube vloggers, journalists, and more. 


2 thoughts on “We want you… to work for the 5k Foam Fest!

  1. sherry Winningham

    I am an RN looking for a flexible summer schedule I recently lost my husband I have a 13 years now that lost his dad. Want to and need to stay busy. And this sounds like a lot of fun. We ran the 5k color run recently in clarksville TN and had a blast.


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