We LOVE Pinterest!

I’m sure you all have your own Pinterest account, if not, jump on board! Pinterest is a great way to find and share ideas and photos. Our Pinterest boards are growing fast, so check them out and repin!

We have pins of our obstacles, race locations, inspirational pins, how to fuel your body, and much more.



Jacksonville Venue

Jacksonville Venue

i work out


Fuel Up

Fuel Up

Check out our Pinterest boards to find out what our foamy mud run is all about and how to prepare for the 5k Foam Fest! http://pinterest.com/5kfoamfest/

4 thoughts on “We LOVE Pinterest!

  1. allyjay18@yahoo.com

    Can you please come to Albany,New York. This 5k looks like soooo much fun and I really hope you guys come here.

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hi Ally,
      Unfortunately our closest race to Albany is in Englishtown, NJ or Haverhill, MA both three hours away from you. We will definitely look into it for next year though!


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