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Southern California 5k Foam Fest #2

Guess what Foamsters, we are bringing another race to Southern California!  We will be having the 5k Foam Fest at the same location - Vail Lake Resort, but this time on September 1, 2012! What does this mean for you?

Double the Foam 

Double the Mud

Double obstacles










and of course double the fun!








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Race #2 Southern CA

California here we come! On May 26, 2012 Round House Racing is bringing the 5k Foam Fest to Southern California. The Race will be held in Temecula, CA 92589 atVail Lake Resort. Here is an over head shot of the area:

Check out those hills! Watch out 5k foam fest fans, because this course is going to be a challenge, but don’t let these hills scare you away. We are packing this course with some awesome obstacles that will make you forget all about the incline. Here are a couple of our favorite obstacles:
The “Body Washer”

“Pond Crossing”

and “The Slip’ N’ Slide!”

Can you handle it?