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FREE Race Entry

Want to run the 5k Foam Fest for FREE?

Come volunteer for four hours and get a free T-shirt and race entry to the 5k Foam Fest! We love our volunteers and appreciate everything they do.

Uncle Sam

How do I volunteer?

  1. Visit http://www.5kfoamfest.com 
  2. Scroll down and click the Volunteer tab
  3. Choose your race location
  4. Click Volunteer
  5. Choose a time shift
  6. Fill in your information
  7. Sign Waiver
  8. Show up race day and have fun!

What will I do?

Come to the volunteer booth to receive your volunteer task and race bib.

Tasks include: Registration, Gear Check-in, Merchandise Booth, Finish Line, Feed Station, Manning Obstacles, Assistant, and Clean Up

Join in on all the foamy fun! Sign up to volunteer today!

Dress To Impress

Oh what to wear, what to wear

The first 5k Foam Fest of the 2013 season is on the rise, and we all know with new seasons comes new apparel! So what are you wearing to the 5k Foam Fest? Don’t worry about being over dressed, at our last 5k Foam Fest we had a bride and groom run through in their gown and tux! So put on your thinking (or shower) caps because we are giving out MOJO prizes to the best dressed participant in each wave.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!





Welcome to 2013

Welcome to 2013!

I don’t know about all of you, but here at Round House Racing we are pumped about the new year. We have so much foamy messy fun planned we can hardly contain our excitement. We are putting our final touches on the 5k Foam Fest to make sure you get filthy clean in 2013. Below are our upcoming 5k Foam Fests:

Jump pic

Miami 2/2

Orlando 2/16

Jacksonville 3/2

Atlanta 3/16

Baton Rouge 3/23

San Antonio 4/6

Dallas 4/20

Watch our video at http://www.5kfoamfest.com to see what all the excitement is about and register for a race near you. We look forward to kicking off our 2013 race season with you!


Forklift Certified!

That’s right! Here at Round House Racing even the Event Coordinators can now drive a forklift! Let me tell you, never in a million years did I imagine I would drive a forklift, not really my type of work genre…but I passed! I passed with flying colors, and so did everyone else! Why may you ask did we have to learn?

Why not!




But seriously, now we can all better help set up the 5k Foam Fest course for 2013! We are so excited for our new season to start. We are ready for all the foamy fun to come. For all those without snow this Christmas, come to the 5k Foam Fest nearest you for some foamy “snow” fun in 2013.

Happy holidays from Round House Racing

We can’t wait to see you all next year!!!

Blast Off

Guess What?!

No, we aren’t launching into space and holding the 5k Foam Fest on the moon…though would you come if we did? Imagine running a 5k with no gravity. We did, however, launch our NEW website today! Go check it out, it’s awesome! There are new videos, photos of all our obstacles, and information and maps on our 2013 locations.

Visit www.5kfoamfest.com 3-2-1 BLAST OFF!

It’s Beginning…

It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Being that a large majority of our staff are event planners, when the holidays come around we can’t help but make the office look a bit more festive. Today we took a little break from planning next year’s 5k Foam Fests to put up Christmas decorations. While blasting Christmas music throughout the office, everyone pitched in and helped decorate our little Charlie Brown tree and string up lights. We also competed in a paper snowflake making contest.

Which one do you think should win?Are we the only ones out there decorating the office space for Christmas? It was a great “team building” activity!