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Turn Foam into Cash!


thumbsup-top-picHow would you like to earn prizes and cash for telling people about the funnest 5k on Earth? We want you to help us spread the word about the epic obstacles, filthy fun, and of course, the foam. Our Foam Fanatics program rewards those who help us get their friends to sign up and in return they get some foamy love.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: First contact Kara at karav@roundhouseracing.com then she’ll shoot you an email with a custom discount code for $5 off which your friends will use to register. The more people who use your code, the better the prize you get. We’ll post weekly how many times your code has been used.


1 Person registering with your code = 1 Point

  • Get 3 points and get a $25 gift card to our merchandise store
  • Get 10 points and get a free pass to the race (already registered? No worries we’ll refund you)
  • Get 15 points and get a $100 gift card to our online store.
  • Get 20 points and get a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS
  • Get 25 points and get a $125 gift card to your choice of Nike or Lululemon
  • Get 35 points and get a Go Pro hero 3 white edition
  • Get 50 points and get a Playstation 4
  • Get 75 points and get a 16 GB iPad air
  • Get 100 points and get $700 cash
  • Get 140 points and get a shrine for others to worship your awesomeness.. or a $1000 cash

*points can only be used one time. So if you cash in 50 points you do not get the prizes leading up to that.


Word of Mouth- Use that yapper and tell your friends, co-workers, classmates and family, or essentially the people you talk with everyday. Social Media- Blast it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog to all of your friends and followers. There’s one rule here: you can’t put your code on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or social media pages. Your code should go to your friends. You are welcome to put it on your social media pages just not ours.


1) This isn’t a spam contest! We don’t want you spamming anyone, it’s annoying. It’s cool to send an email or two to your friends but don’t just blast everyone you know everyday, that’s a great way to lose friends. 
2) If you post your code on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media outlets then you will be automatically disqualified with no prize options.
3) You helped a lot of people sign up but didn’t hear about this program until now? Sorry we can’t track this promotion without the use of your discount codes, but you built some awesome karma points! So make sure your friends use your discount when registering because we can’t apply it after the fact.
4) Referral Code cannot be used with any other offer.

Have any questions or a great idea to help us reach more people? Send us an email at karav@roundhouseracing.com!

The 6 People You’ll Meet at Foam Fest

  road runnerThe Road Runner- Sometimes we wonder if he ever stops running anywhere. From 5k’s to marathons, he’s there. You may even catch him jogging in place in the registration line. He brings the competition and will probably be the first one done in his heat. He gets the self-claimed title of winner, because at Foam Fest everyone gets a medal.freddie frat

Freddie Frat- The college kid, the party guy. He likes the foam that’s in his beer a little more than the foam on the course. Like Ke$ha, the party doesn’t start till he runs in. You’ll catch him with all of his friends, shot gunning a Mike’s Hard at the finish line.

the new girl

The New Girl- She may not have run a 5K before, but the thought of foam and obstacles was too enticing. She’ll let you go first at the top of the Death Drop, because she didn’t think the world record tall slide was really going to be that tall. The thought of all the mud scares her, but by the end of it she’ll love the new dirty look.mud gang

The Mud Mob- Forget the day at the spa, these gals are getting their mud baths at the Foam Fest. They are taking the day off from glamour and getting dirty. They come as a team to help each other in the foamy situations. Plus, you don’t truly know your friends until they are covered in foam.

healthy housewife

The Healthy Homemaker- She’s the Momma bear of family. While trying to keep track of Thing 1 and Thing 2, she’s finding activities that don’t involve video games and junk food for the family. Finally she can let the kids make mud pies and even join in on the fun too.

The Helpless Husband- Fortunately, he was dragged to the race by his wife, the Healthy Homemaker, but it turns out he ends up having a blast! His kids look up to him like a hero as he holds their hand through the mud pools and down the Death Drop. The Foam Fest gets him outta his comfort zone and into the world of active, foamy fun.


Forklift Certified!

That’s right! Here at Round House Racing even the Event Coordinators can now drive a forklift! Let me tell you, never in a million years did I imagine I would drive a forklift, not really my type of work genre…but I passed! I passed with flying colors, and so did everyone else! Why may you ask did we have to learn?

Why not!




But seriously, now we can all better help set up the 5k Foam Fest course for 2013! We are so excited for our new season to start. We are ready for all the foamy fun to come. For all those without snow this Christmas, come to the 5k Foam Fest nearest you for some foamy “snow” fun in 2013.

Happy holidays from Round House Racing

We can’t wait to see you all next year!!!

Water Cooler

Gather Round!

In an office, there is almost always a water cooler. Known not only for hydration, but also as a place to gather with employees for a needed break from the working day. A great example is shown at this link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzusXDZxodk 

So with all the buzz circling around the water cooler, at Round House Racing, we tend to place our most important employee news and information nearby.

Water Cooler

WookieeWhat kind of “news” do you find around the water cooler?


Like to Party

Our name is Round House Racing… and we like to party.

Any guesses what movie quote that’s derived from? Hint: Jeff, (pictured below on the far right) wore a racing suit that exemplifies the movie. Cool beans.

Answer: Hot Rod

Although we didn’t all try to jump over 15 school buses on our  bikes, our “crew” did party together while playing laser tag. In the heat of competition, we learned who our true frienemies are…

Later that evening, we celebrated the holiday season with our annual Company Christmas Party. We gathered with our families for a delicious dinner, dessert contest, prizes, and white elephant gifts. And of course it wouldn’t be a Round House Racing event without the presence of an inflatable! (Can you tell we are missing the 5k Foam Fest? We can’t wait for next season!)

Happy Holidays!


Time for Recess

Always the favorite phrase heard among elementary school students, but today, it’s heard at Round House Racing as well. We love being active, after all, we are the creators of the 5k Foam Fest! But while we are busy planning the 5k Foam Fests for 2013, we do get a little stir crazy sitting in the office all day. And with our warm winter we have been having, we couldn’t resist taking a little recess outside. Today our office divided into teams and played Ultimate Frisbee. It got a bit competitive… but we definitely learned the importance of team work. We had a lot of fun and are now ready and focused to continue planning next year’s foamy muddy 5k Foam Fests runs for you!

What’s your favorite “recess” activity?

It’s Beginning…

It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Being that a large majority of our staff are event planners, when the holidays come around we can’t help but make the office look a bit more festive. Today we took a little break from planning next year’s 5k Foam Fests to put up Christmas decorations. While blasting Christmas music throughout the office, everyone pitched in and helped decorate our little Charlie Brown tree and string up lights. We also competed in a paper snowflake making contest.

Which one do you think should win?Are we the only ones out there decorating the office space for Christmas? It was a great “team building” activity! 

Day of Thanks

A time to be thankful…for food!

Today’s lunch break was a thanksgiving feast at Dave’s house. Our potluck lunch turned out amazingly! Some of the delicacies included Emily’s mouth watering mashed potatoes, Steph’s scrumptious stuffing, and Mary’s addictive chocolate creme pie. Also a special shout out to Riley’s mother for promoting him from dish washer to sous chef while making her delicious candied yams; they were divine! As we approach the “stuff your face holiday,” it is important to remember to be thankful we do have food to stuff our faces with.

What are you thankful for?

Here at Round House Racing, we are thankful to be working at such an awesome company-what could be better than planning 5k obstacle mud runs while traveling all over the country? Running the 5k Foam Fest of course! We are so thankful for all you fans out there that love the 5k Foam Fest (almost as much as we do). You make it all possible.

You rock! Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Nap Time

Are you tired?

Ever wish you could go back to preschool and cash in all those unused naps you resisted to take? Let’s face it, grownups LOVE nap time! And when three o’clock roles around those eye lids of yours seem to weigh a thousand pounds each.

The cure? A POWER NAP!

“A power-nap captures the benefits of the first two out of five stages of the sleep cycle. These first two stages take place in the first twenty minutes of sleep, resulting in the electrical signals in your nervous system strengthening the connection between neurons involved in muscle memory, making your brain work faster and more accurately.” (according to wikihow-a very credible source…sometimes)

Some days we just really need those extra 20 minutes of sleep to get through the rest of the day in the office, especially after planning all our 2013 5k Foam Fests! SO, no one can really judge Ryan, our CFO, for crawling under his desk and taking a little snooze…but we sure can’t resist using this prime opportunity to play a little prank. ANY IDEAS?!?!