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Our Dallas Charity

Hey Dallas!

We are headed your way this week. We can’t wait to see y’all at the 5k Foam Fest this weekend! I’d like to introduce you to the charity that is benefiting from your foamy muddy fun. We are teaming up with Mercury One.

Mercury One logo flat (2)

Mercury One is a private charity that aims to join hands with its fellow citizens in improving the human condition in any way it can. When Mercury One caught wind of a young girl giving up her birthday party to raise money for feeding the homeless, for instance, they were inspired and wanted to help. Thanks to Mercury One supporters, the company pitched in $10,000 to help the young girl’s cause. They then joined forces with Glenn Beck and Wolfgang Puck to throw her the biggest birthday party she’s ever seen.

Preparing meals for the homeless with the SoupMobile in Dallas, TX

Preparing meals for the homeless with the SoupMobile in Dallas, TX

Later in 2012, when Hurricane Sandy ripped through the northeast United States, Mercury One was there to help. Thanks to the overwhelming support of concerned Americans, Mercury One was able to partner with a number of churches and other charitable organizations to provide food, blankets, emergency kits, and other necessities after the region was devastated by the storm.

Reverend Peter M. DeArruda from NYSUM (one of the charitable organizations Mercury One partnered with) said, “We cannot thank Mercury One enough for your kind and compassionate support. . . You continue to enable us to house, feed, train and deploy NYSUM’s ministry teams for massive outreaches throughout New York City – in partnership with NYC pastors, churches and not for profits.”


Cleaning up at a Day of Service in Arlington, TX

In ways large and small, Mercury One continues to work every day to help build up American communities. Mercury One’s mission is simple, yet monumental: “To inspire, organize and mobilize individuals to improve the human condition physically, emotionally and spiritually with malice towards none and charity for all.”


Restocking the Broward County, FL Salvation Army food pantry

Donations to Mercury One can be made through your registration or day of the race at their booth.