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Foamy Pics

Hey Jacksonville-pictures are up!!

Check out your foamy muddy pics here  http://www.backprint.com/storefront.asp?PID=bp%13%7F%40z as well as pictures from Miami and Orlando.


All those not in Florida, we are moving on! Next up-Georgia! Get ready for a 5k race that’s more fun than a scrub in the tub! We can’t wait to see you there!


Calling all Floridians

Those who ran in the Orlando 5k Foam Fest, pictures are up! Follow this link http://www.backprint.com/view_event.asp?PID=bp%13%7F%40z&EVENTID=111255&PWD0 , or visit our website to see your foamy photos from the race.


Those coming to the Jacksonville 5k Foam Fest, ready or not here we come! Our team is ready to fly to Florida in order to set up the 5k Foam Fest for you. Check out our Pinterest board to see which vendors will be there http://pinterest.com/5kfoamfest/2013-jacksonville-fl/ .


If you’re not registered yet, sign up RIGHT NOW! You won’t regret it! The 5k Foam Fest is a funcore run full of mud, foam, and obstacles. This is our last race in Florida until next year so don’t miss out on this foamy opportunity! Sign up here: http://www.5kfoamfest.com/locations/Jacksonville.php 

Welcome to 2013

Welcome to 2013!

I don’t know about all of you, but here at Round House Racing we are pumped about the new year. We have so much foamy messy fun planned we can hardly contain our excitement. We are putting our final touches on the 5k Foam Fest to make sure you get filthy clean in 2013. Below are our upcoming 5k Foam Fests:

Jump pic

Miami 2/2

Orlando 2/16

Jacksonville 3/2

Atlanta 3/16

Baton Rouge 3/23

San Antonio 4/6

Dallas 4/20

Watch our video at http://www.5kfoamfest.com to see what all the excitement is about and register for a race near you. We look forward to kicking off our 2013 race season with you!