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5 tips on a tailgate party that rocks

With football season in full swing there are few things better than a tailgate party that rocks. It can make the wins even sweeter and the loses more than a bad memory. All the memories of hanging out with your fellow fans with never a shortage of meat and drinks. We are sure that at some point you have spotted a die hard tailgater that brought along their 72″ plasma and others that even sported a hot tub. Of course the most important thing that you can bring to the tailgate scene is your friends. And friends go with the group that has things dialed up to make it rock. In order to always make the game an awesome experience here are 5 tips on how to throw a tailgate party that rocks!

1) Good food starts the night before

There are plenty of things that taste better when they have been soaking in some savory juices all night. Marinate your meat. Slice it up so all you gotta do is put it on the grill and throw away the bag. Here is a link to all the meatiness that your heart could desire: Meat madness

To have a rockin tailgate experience you should pack, slice, separate before hand. Cut up your topping for burgers if that is what you are grilling. Slice up the veggies for steak fajitas. Put all the utensils, cups, plates etc where you know they will make it in the car.Make sure that you have coolers and ice ready to go. Here is a picture to pack those coolers the right way:

how to pack a cooler

2) If it doesn’t have tunes or TVs it isn’t a tailgate party

Who has got the playlists and do you have the cords to make it happen whether it is through car speakers or from a portable system. If you don’t have jumper cables we would suggest a portable stereo. Here is a link to get you started on a rockin tailgate party mix: see tunes here

Ever thought about packing the big scree with you? You can route the image through your computer but this would be a killer way to keep track of the other games going on that day or even watch the one you are at. If at all possible have a 4G card for the computer you hook up. This can give you some HUGE props.


3) Bring everything that you need and then double that

Have you thought about utensils, trash bags, water bottles, drinks, toppings, propane or charcoal, ice, warm clothes, jumper cables, lighter, newspaper to start fire, games to play to kill time, chairs etc. There are plenty of things to miss so don’t be that guy! You also have no access to more unless you bum off the other people around you so bring more than you need so you can be the hero and save the day for someone else. Chicks dig heroes.


4) The one time you should care about decorating

This is the place to show your true colors. Don’t mess around with the painting your chess stuff. Make it look like your car exploded the colors of your team. Did you think about a flag pole. One to show your pride as well as make it east for your friends to find your car. Don’t sweat the cut stuff.

.keep it real

 5) Now that you packed it in how are you going to get it all out?

This would be a good time to have those trash bags. Depending on the time of the game and when it gets over this would be a good time for the dessert that you planned ahead for to kill time till the parking lot clears out. Smoores are an easy one but you should follow this link to get some more ideas They are going to be the same thing that you would make as if you were camping so here they be: bomb desserts.