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What about the family gift this year?

So we know that you have put in your fare share of time and money to think about what each one of your kids might want. New gadgets, a bike, sports equipment, clothes, toys and you could have even done the whole enchilada and bought them their first set of wheels! But what do you get the whole family and not break the bank? What could you all do together even if you have a 10 year old and a 20 year old? What about moms looking to do something fun and exciting with their daughters but don’t want the pounding headache after a loud concert?

what kind of gift can you give your family that doesnt cost you a small fortune?

When New Years comes around are you going to make some fitness goals that you may or may not keep up with come February? What if you were to make a fitness goal that involved the whole family? There are not many things that can involved that whole family!

You could give your family a gift that would allow for everyone to train together !

Have you thought about signing up for an 5k obstacle race as a family? You could plan one 6 months in advance and then use that as a goal for the whole family! You can train individual or together and but when the day of comes around you can do it as a team. This would allow for you to spend time while training for and then have a celebration as a family once the goal is completed! 

You can give your family the gift of foam this year!

Why not give your family a gift towards health and fitness this year? You could give you kids running shoes and slip their ticket in with it! This year you could give the gift of foam with the 5k foam fest.

Like to Party

Our name is Round House Racing… and we like to party.

Any guesses what movie quote that’s derived from? Hint: Jeff, (pictured below on the far right) wore a racing suit that exemplifies the movie. Cool beans.

Answer: Hot Rod

Although we didn’t all try to jump over 15 school buses on our  bikes, our “crew” did party together while playing laser tag. In the heat of competition, we learned who our true frienemies are…

Later that evening, we celebrated the holiday season with our annual Company Christmas Party. We gathered with our families for a delicious dinner, dessert contest, prizes, and white elephant gifts. And of course it wouldn’t be a Round House Racing event without the presence of an inflatable! (Can you tell we are missing the 5k Foam Fest? We can’t wait for next season!)

Happy Holidays!

It’s Beginning…

It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Being that a large majority of our staff are event planners, when the holidays come around we can’t help but make the office look a bit more festive. Today we took a little break from planning next year’s 5k Foam Fests to put up Christmas decorations. While blasting Christmas music throughout the office, everyone pitched in and helped decorate our little Charlie Brown tree and string up lights. We also competed in a paper snowflake making contest.

Which one do you think should win?Are we the only ones out there decorating the office space for Christmas? It was a great “team building” activity!