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Denver 5k Foam Fest Charity

Another great event that we are able to contribute to an noble cause at the Special Olympics


Special Olympics Colorado (SOCO) annually serves more than 13,000 athletes throughout the state of Colorado.  Athletes have the opportunity to compete in 22 sports year-round at more than 100 area and state competitions; as well as at national and world competition events

SOCO’s Project UNIFY program is gaining particular recognition in Colorado schools.  Project UNIFY is about bringing kids, with and without disabilities together through  unified sports, through youth leadership and through whole school engagement.  This year over 52,000 Colorado kids will be impacted by Project UNIFY.

Some of the Athletes that have excelled with the SOCO include Cody Field who was a Wold Games medalist in snowboarding.

5k Foam Fest Sacrament Charity


Thank you for the good you are doing in the world! The Sacramento 5K Foam Fest racing team is happy to be able to help a worthy cause out, and we’re grateful to know our contributions will reach those in need. We are helping Special Olympics Northern California and are eager to donate part of our proceeds to their cause. Please check out their website, www.SONC.org, and if you’re feeling generous you can donate to Special Olympics Northern California when you register for the 5K Foam Fest!


Special Olympics Northern California is a free year-round sports training and competition program for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  There are 16,000 athletes who compete in 152 competitions throughout the region in 11 sports.  This requires the extraordinary support and time of 15,100 volunteers and volunteer coaches.  Financial support comes almost exclusively from individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations.  For more information on Special Olympics Northern California, visit www.SONC.org or join us  Facebook/SONorCal and Twitter @SONorCal.

Reno 5k Foam Fest Charity


Yes, there is one thing that you can predict about the 5k Foam Fest and that is where ever we go we are going to team up with the Special Olympics whenever we can. Nevada is no exception to this. Please come out to support them with part of registration fee being donated to them.


If you haven’t come by the site to have all your questions answered then you are one click away.

So Cal 5k Foam Fest Charity


The 5k Foam Fest is privileged to team up with The Special Olympics of Southern California for the race this weekend. If you can’t tell already there is a trend in the charities that we team up with. We do feel strongly that this organization that does great things for all types of athletes. We know that they agree with us that sports should definitely have an element of fun to them. To out more about the charity here is a link to the site.



This is the Annual Plane Pull that happens at the Long Beach Airport on August 24th from 10am to 2pm. You should stop by and participate.


Portland Foam Fest Charity

Portland foamers, we are grateful for you choice to come enjoy yourselves with us at the Foam Fest and as we stated when you signed up a part of your fee is going to charity, BIg Brothers and Big Sister of Columbia Northwest is the recipient of this race. If you haven’t considered participating in this program before here  is where to go. You can be a big brother or sister and even do it as a couple. You can be a sports buddy, volunteer at a school and even be a second chance for 12-17 year olds who are involved in the juvenile detention program.

As for the 5k, just come to have some fun. If you have any questions visit the site because we are sure that someone else has more than likely had the same question.


Seattle is supporting Special Olympics


There is never a doubt with us that if we are able to team up with the Special Olympics wherever we can then we will. In Seattle we are once again privileged to associate with the Special Olympics of Washington.

SO washington

There are great things that you and your funds go to support when you come to do the Foam Fest. We have 5 days left until it your chance comes come check out the site for more on what to expect or to register if you haven’t already.

New England Foam Fest Charity

5k Foam Fest in Boston is proud to team up with Special Olympics of Massachusetts for the event this weekend.



The Special Olympics are always a great cause to support. They give those that are at a disadvantage something to achieve and thus smile about.


There are three days left for you to register if you haven’t already. Here is the link. You can also find out who the sponsors of the race are and what is going to be offered there.

For all those Ohioans that haven’t seen their photos yet here is a link to those. We hope that you find pictures that show the smile plastered on your face.

Tri State Charity

A part of the Tri State 5k Foam Fest proceeds will go to the Special Olympics of New Jersey



Here is a sample of the athletes they support:

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 4.52.15 PM


The Tri State 5k Foam Fest will be happening at Tuxedo Ridge Ski Center in New York. Get ready for some pictures of the venue coming up.

Detroit- this is what part of the proceeds are going to support

We are proud to spotlight the Special Olympics of Michigan as the local benefitting charity for the 5k Foam Fest in Detroit. They have included a bio of two of their star athletes for us to recognize:



Molly Hincka:

Doctors said Molly would never walk or even talk. Her mother knew different and was determined to never allow that to happen. She never saw the things her child could not do; she only imagined what she could do. Molly’s mother turned out to be right when experiencing her child do the impossible, walking at age 4 and talking by age 5.

Now, 20 years later, Molly is a Special Olympics athlete who participated in the 2011 World Games. Molly was a top performer at the games and took home a Silver medal in the 3000 meter run and Bronze medals in the 4 x 400 meter relay and 5000 meter run. Molly is now preparing to participate in the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) Central Route relay which will have her running the five-mile stretch of the Mackinac bridge this coming September.

Special Olympics Michigan continues to provide Molly with the transformative power of sport for opportunities to experience inclusion, acceptance, unity, respect, friendship and joy.


Ben Snider

Ben Snider:

Ben was named the Spartan Stores healthy Athlete of the Year for 2012. Ben has been a Special Olympics Athlete for eight years now competing in basketball, soccer, poly-hockey, bowling and track. Snider is a great team player, shows great sportsmanship and makes sure every athlete has fun. He has gained so much confidence and self-worth and wants all of the other athletes to experience those feelings as well. Snider takes pride in his accomplishments and understands if effort is put forward, nothing is impossible.

Snider enjoys running, and when it is cold outside he can be found on a treadmill! He participates in many 5k and 10k races and often makes family members join him as well. Ben has often been seen going back and running with whoever has not finished, encouraging them all the way to the end. Snider demonstrates being a healthy athlete physically, nutritionally, and spiritually.


Come to the Special Olympics of MIchigan website to find out more about the organization and how you can take another step to support them and their noble cause.

We at Round House Racing feel privileged to associate with such an organization

Our Dallas Charity

Hey Dallas!

We are headed your way this week. We can’t wait to see y’all at the 5k Foam Fest this weekend! I’d like to introduce you to the charity that is benefiting from your foamy muddy fun. We are teaming up with Mercury One.

Mercury One logo flat (2)

Mercury One is a private charity that aims to join hands with its fellow citizens in improving the human condition in any way it can. When Mercury One caught wind of a young girl giving up her birthday party to raise money for feeding the homeless, for instance, they were inspired and wanted to help. Thanks to Mercury One supporters, the company pitched in $10,000 to help the young girl’s cause. They then joined forces with Glenn Beck and Wolfgang Puck to throw her the biggest birthday party she’s ever seen.

Preparing meals for the homeless with the SoupMobile in Dallas, TX

Preparing meals for the homeless with the SoupMobile in Dallas, TX

Later in 2012, when Hurricane Sandy ripped through the northeast United States, Mercury One was there to help. Thanks to the overwhelming support of concerned Americans, Mercury One was able to partner with a number of churches and other charitable organizations to provide food, blankets, emergency kits, and other necessities after the region was devastated by the storm.

Reverend Peter M. DeArruda from NYSUM (one of the charitable organizations Mercury One partnered with) said, “We cannot thank Mercury One enough for your kind and compassionate support. . . You continue to enable us to house, feed, train and deploy NYSUM’s ministry teams for massive outreaches throughout New York City – in partnership with NYC pastors, churches and not for profits.”


Cleaning up at a Day of Service in Arlington, TX

In ways large and small, Mercury One continues to work every day to help build up American communities. Mercury One’s mission is simple, yet monumental: “To inspire, organize and mobilize individuals to improve the human condition physically, emotionally and spiritually with malice towards none and charity for all.”


Restocking the Broward County, FL Salvation Army food pantry

Donations to Mercury One can be made through your registration or day of the race at their booth.