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Nashville, are you ready?

Hey Nashville, the big foamy day is TOMORROW! Are you ready to get filthy clean?!

Quick details for tomorrow:

Venue: A Cowboy Town

Address: 3669 Knight Drive, Whites Creek, TN 37189

The Chuckwagon Cafe by A Dream Come True Events and Catering will be serving:


If you haven’t signed up already, register at http://www.5kfoamfest.com/locations/Nashville.php or come to the info tent on race day!

See you tomorrow!!

Nashville-We’re comin your way!

Check out how set up is coming for our 5k Foam Fest Nashville race! It’s never too late to sign up! Visit http://www.5kfoamfest.com/locations/Nashville.php to jump in on all the foamy muddy action.

A Cowboy Town

The 5k Foam Fest takes place this Saturday at A Cowboy Town in Whites Creek, TN. 

moonwalkOur Sports 4 All charity volunteers are amazing helpers!  

cowboy hatsCowboy teamwork

DD5The Death Drop is half way there!

Make sure to come see the finished products on Saturday!


Sports 4 All


We are proud to announce Sports 4 All as our local benefiting charity for our 5k Foam Fest Nashville! Please meet two of Sports 4 All’s 2013 spokespeople.



“Clay Sircy is one of Sports 4 All’s Spokespeople for 2013. We chose Clay to be one of our spokespeople because of his performance in the April 2012 triathlon hosted by the Alpha Delta Pi’s at Middle Tennessee University. During the month of April he was also chosen as one of our MVP’s (Most Valuable Participant). He showed great determination during the triathlon training, and this was the first time he had ever competed as a swimmer in a race. Clay is a Project HEATLH (Helping Every Ability Learn To be Healthy) participant and Special Olympics athlete. Sports 4 All loves Clay because he is always happy to participate in any of our activities. He is also a joy to have in our Project HEALTH classes. He is extremely cooperative during class, and he is always eager to get to work. “Clay is one of the happiest people I’ve ever met. He is always smiling, and he is always happy to see Sports 4 All staff,” said Janey Smith, a Sports 4 All staff member. We are so pleased that we can introduce Clay to the community because he is a great athlete, and he embodies what Sports 4 All works to accomplish.”



“Ridora Winfree is also one of Sports 4 All’s Spokespeople for 2013. We chose Ridora as one of our spokespeople because she has improved so much since we first met her. We first met Ridora when she came to Sports Com in Murfreesboro, TN to participate in Project HEALTH. When she began participating in Project HEALTH, she was shy and unsure of herself. She didn’t really participate in the exercise classes very much. In the two years that we have known her, she has come out of her shell and is more positive and excited about exercise. Many times during the Project HEALTH classes is will even correct her caregivers when they are not performing the exercises correctly. She is a positive influence on her peers, and we just love to be around her. She is always happy and excited to see Sports 4 All staff. “Ridora is so funny, and she is so much fun to have in class. She brings a smile to my face when I see her at Sports Com on Wednesdays. She is become one of our best Project HEALTH participants,” said Anna Dannibale, Sports 4 All’s Project HEALTH program facilitator.”

We are lucky to have these two individuals as our spokespeople for 2013!

Learn more about the Sports 4 All Foundation at http://www.s4af.org/ and donate to their cause at the 5k Foam Fest Nashville on Saturday May 4th or online at http://www.5kfoamfest.com/locations/Nashville.php