Southern California 5k Foam Fest #2

Guess what Foamsters, we are bringing another race to Southern California!  We will be having the 5k Foam Fest at the same location - Vail Lake Resort, but this time on September 1, 2012! What does this mean for you?

Double the Foam 

Double the Mud

Double obstacles










and of course double the fun!








Click here if you haven’t registered yet!

11 thoughts on “Southern California 5k Foam Fest #2

  1. Carolyn

    Our team wasn’t able to sign up for the same time slot, is there a number we can call so we can all race at the same time? Or anything we can do?

  2. melaniez

    You can’t register your dog but you can bring him! Make sure he doesn’t get in the way of the other participants though. There will be over 250 people all running at the same time. Also, make sure to keep him off the inflatable obstacles.


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