Important things to know for a 5k obstacle run

Now that you have signed up for the Foam Fest we can guarantee you that some of these questions are running through your head:

What do I bring?

The first thing on your list should be all the friends that you can round up. Bring some extra change for parking and any kind of merchandise that you can sport for your family and friends that missed out. Bring and extra change of clothes and a old towel to clean off afterwards. Finally, do not forget your signed and printed wavier. Unfortunately you cannot pick up you bib without a fee if you don’t have your wavier.

What to wear?

what to wear to a 5k obstacle run

If you consider the fact that everything you are wearing will be dirty and wet then you probably won’t go astray. Remember to wear an extra layer over whatever you don’t want others to see since you will want to change after the race and you may not want to rinse off in your underwear. Wear shoes that you can secure tightly and you don’t mind getting caked in mud. As breathable shoes as possible is preferred so as to allow for the water to seep out the sides so you aren’t running with pools tied to your feet.

Should I get a team together?

5k obstacle team

5 people is all that you have to get in order to qualify as a team. As far anything larger than 5 there is no limit. The largest teams we have had have been more than 70 people! Each member of the team gets a $10 discount to our merchandise store. Given that we sign up in waves, it is important that you get your team together early if you all want to be in the same heat. The later that you sign up the more likely that the earlier wave times will be full.


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