Here we are kicking it in Portland putting the finishing touches up on the race course, can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow! The course is amazing and the weather is perfect!! Get ready to get foamy!!!

  By the way- we found these HUGE slugs on the course … hope you like slugs :)

2 thoughts on “Portland

  1. Wanda Aguirre

    When will the Portland pictures be up? It has been over 72 hours, plus you ran out of paper and I couldn’t get my bathtub one the day of the race. Is there a way I can order a men’s shirt online? The extra large women’s was way too small.

    1. melaniez

      Portland pictures should be up now. We talked to our photographer and he is done with Portlands and working on our Utah pictures. Of course you can order a shirt on-line, please shoot us and e-mail or contact customer service- they are quick and reliable and will help you with that :)


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