Orlando: Recap

Calling all those who got foamy in Orlando! Hope you enjoyed the 5k Foam Fest experience! We are so glad you came out and hope to see you next year! Stay tuned for pictures of the muddy foamy run soon to be posted on our website. To hold you over for now, here is a recap of highlights from the 5k run.


She said…YES!¬†Ashleigh & Brad getting engaged at the finish line

SOOur Special Olympic athlete speaker Laura Trimble

tubeTube crossing


Pre-race dance off

7 thoughts on “Orlando: Recap

  1. Matt Rihs

    Dear Foam Fest Committee:

    Overall, really solid and fun Foam Fest Experience! Congratulations on a great event. This was my third obstacle race running event, and was by far the most laid back one I have participated in.

    However, I do have a few suggestions for improvement for next year’s festivities:

    1) Registered runners, such as myself, had to wait 30 minutes in line to get our bib numbers. As a runner for 14 years who has probably done about 100 running events, this is the longest I have ever waited before for a bib number. If you could please consider adding additional staff or more tables to quicken the registration process, that would be great.

    2) Although the three-story death drop was awesome (frightening is a better term to use), the 15-20 minute line to do the obstacle was too long. Going into FoamFest, I treated the event more of a “fun run” but any attempt to keep it like a “cardio” training session was hurt by the standing in line for this obstacle.

    3) The “Shwag” at the end of the event was very minimalist, to put it cordially. Having volunteered for a few running or fitness events in my past, I understand the limitations of events due to budget, as well as the number of sponsors that are helping to fund or promote the event. However, finishers only receiving a banana, Wal-Mart Granola bar, t-shirt, basic stamped event medal, a pen, and a few promotional material hand outs for a $75 event fee is a bit underwhelming.

    4) Location: Coming from New Port Richey, my friend and I drove three hours to attend the event in the morning (9:40 a.m. start time). In the future, if you could please provide consideration to an event on the Florida Gulf Coast, that would be awesome. I guarantee that I could get several more of my friends to attend if we could have one in this area next year.

    Again, overall, great job, and I hope you guys have continued success in your Foam Fest tour this year!

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hi Matt,
      I’m glad you enjoyed your Foam Fest experience. Thank you so much for your feedback. We truly appreciate learning how our participants’ experiences panned out so that we can improve for future races. We are definitely trying to improve in all those aspects. Again, thanks for your input. We hope to see you next year!

  2. Franchesca

    Hi Foamfest Committee!

    So a huge group of my friends and I were really looking forward to your Chicago Foamfest this coming June! Although, before signing up we looked at reviews on other websites and some of them were really bad :( BUT! Hearing about the positive changes you’ve made and your constant desire for improvement has made us want to jump on board again!

    We’d just like to confirm that there will be a 3 story death drop at the end of the course (cuz’ that looks like the most exciting part!) during the Foamfest in Ottawa, IL because while watching videos from runners of past Foamfest runs we noticed in some cases the death drop was replaced with a plastic tarp slip n’ slide thing…. Truthfully, we’d like the real thing!

    We look forward to your response and already want to thank you for taking the time to read our post!
    Franchesca and Friends

    P.S. Sorry! We didn’t know where else to ask this question because the Contact link on the website kept directing us to FAQ.

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hi Franchesca,
      I am so sorry it has taken forever to respond back to you. I have been away at our Florida event and just returned! We have definitely made some great improvements to the 5k Foam Fest and hope you enjoy it! We have TWO three story death drops at the end of EVERY race! Our death drop comes to every event with us, but be advised that we may have to close it down due to weather-for your own safety we can’t keep it up if it is really windy. Please let me know if you have any more question, hope to see you there!

  3. Katrina

    Hi Foam Fest Team!

    I would like to run the Chicago Foam Fest in June. I have heard some wonderful things but also of some issues from friends. I know there have been concerns about there being very little mud and foam throughout the race as well as long lines. Can you tell me a little more about the obstacles?

    Thank you.

    Katrina and team

    1. Michelle Post author

      Hi Katrina,
      All our inflatable obstacles are covered with foam, and we have several which involve mud. You can view all our obstacles on our website, and visit the Chicago map for which obstacles will be at your specific race http://www.5kfoamfest.com/locations/Chicago.php
      We always work hard to reduce your time in line and make the race an enjoyable experience. Hope you can come!


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