In the mean time

There are plenty of photos from the Richmond but they havent made it to the site yet. The next Foam Fest we have coming up is Chicago on June 1st. Here is the link for registration for all those close to or in the windy city.

In the meantime enjoy this video of the Nashville event and just insert your face for your future race!Foam Fest

4 thoughts on “In the mean time

  1. Ryan

    Is the Spokane, WA. race not happening this year? It has an advertised date and web site, but the registration link doesn’t work, and the race doesn’t show up on the organizations home page map….

    But yet I cannot find any information on whether or not it is cancelled, or sold out, or what.

    Thanks for any info you can give me


    1. Michelle Post author

      Ryan. Thanks for your diligence in being involved with 5k Foam Fest. Your guess is accurate and we are not having an event in Spokane this year. Seattle is the venue for washington state.

  2. Veronica Johnson

    I know it says that the pictures for Richmond 5-11 are being worked on but do we know WHEN they will be available? Its May 21st already..

    1. Michelle Post author

      Thanks for the feedback. We are doing our best and hope that will result in photos soon. we hope that you really enjoyed the event and will come back soon!


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