Chicago, it’s time!

All those living in Illinois, I hope you are ready to get filthy clean tomorrow! The 5k Foam Fest is this weekend! That’s right, tomorrow and Sunday. Make sure to stop by the Kingsbury Center today until 8:00pm to pick up your bib. If you can’t make it there, no worries, just jump on over to the registration tent race day and pick up your bib there. Don’t forget to bring your printed and signed waiver! 

Bib Pick-Up

KINGSBURY CENTER: 1435 North Kingsbury St. Chicago, IL 60642

Event Venue

FOX VALLEY OFF ROAD: 1952 N. 35th Road Ottawa, IL 61350

Foam-Fest-Pic 300x400

Can’t wait to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Chicago, it’s time!

  1. Elly

    I really wanted this event to be great! And I was super excited as I got together a group of people that were first time mud runners for this event, after having so much fun doing Warrior Dash last year, I wanted them to experience a fun mud run without a time limit, and less hardcore mud running. But this was a HUGE disappointment.

    Obstacles were down, no foam just about anywhere, the start line and the end bouncy house were the only foam places by 12pm, and the slip and slides we wound up walking across because there was no foam and you could not slide on them. The end pools barely had water in them, so good thing no one did slip into them. 20 minute waits for the cargo nets, at one point an hour wait for the Death Drop, and 20 minute wait for the wall climb. I really feel that if you guys are going to promote that you are the FOAM FEST, you should really amp up the Foam and make it what you advertise. Especially with paying $50 entrance fee.

    To top that off, the gear purchase tent was very unorganized and the girls that were running it was very uptight and rude. It was impossible to get help when you wanted to purchase something so I wound up waiting until after my run to try and get gear. Only to find out at 2:00pm on the FIRST day you were out of XL Gray Sweaters, how in the world do you run out on the first day knowing you guys were sold out for entrance tickets on TWO DAYS. I wound up keeping my $30 and not spending another dime, because she wanted to sell me a $10 zip-up hoodie with small “5K Foam Fest” in the pocket area, really $30?!? Such a huge disappointment.

    The only, very only thing I have to commend you on is the amazing group of guys that were out in the rain digging people out of the field. They not only were super nice about it and not complaining about it (at least not out loud) but they worked hard to assure that everyone was taken care of. Despite having some attendees be down right rude to them, they worked hard nonstop through the rain all the way until everyone was taken care of. They made the hour and half wait to get my car dug out, very understandable as they did not stop working for a second to help everyone out. Kudos to them!

    1. Rudyard Hopkins

      Just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and doing it in a tactful way. We are sorry to hear that you did not have an optimal experience and I will take your feedback to the right people. We too are very pleased by the hardworking staff that we employ. Thank you for coming to our event and we hope to get all the kinks smoothed out soon.


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