Behind the Scenes

Hey Foamsters!

Get an inside look on the behind the scenes of the 5k Foam Fest! Our team is flying out to Orlando this weekend to start set up. Stay tuned as we post set up pics and updates. We are so excited to come to Florida again (we are ready for some warm weather!) Our team is even taking advantage of the Florida experience and heading to Disney World beforehand. All those near Orlando, make sure to register for our foamy mud run. The 5k Foam Fest takes place next Saturday!


Stay Tuned!

4 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. Tara Wasil

    I can’t wait until race day!!! I will be in Jacksonville on march 2 and this will be my first ever 5k!! my mom is so happy for me and very proud! only 20 days to go! :D


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