5K Foam Fest Teams

Have you signed up for the 5K Foam Fest yet? If not, make sure to take the time to sign up for the most amazing race you will ever run. Make sure you sign up you friends and family so they don’t miss out.

What could be more fun than running through foam-filled obstacles while covered in mud from head to toe? Running the 5K Foam Fest with friends, of course! The 5K Foam Fest rivals all adventure runs. It’s a mud run meets foam for an experience that we like to compare to a giant car wash for dirty humans

So grab your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers or even your enemies and set up your foamy team. Teams must be comprised of at least 4 individuals but can be as large as you want. Plus dress up and get ready to compete for the envied MOJO award! We’re looking for something all around unique – anything from killer team name to costumes – so show up ready to strut your stuff and win!

When you register for your location you will see the ‘Add a Team’ or ‘Join Existing Team’. Remember that each team member must be registered for the same heat, under the same team name. The team’s time is based off of the slowest team member — so be sure to help a brotha or a sista out. Each team member must also sign their own liability waiver. Need more motivation to form a team? How about awesome Foam Fest sweatbands for your whole team!



2 thoughts on “5K Foam Fest Teams

  1. Jamie

    Ive registered for foam fest in Reno for June 9th at 10am. I have recruited some friends and would like to form a team. How can we do this as we have already registered?


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