What Makes Us Different

Feeling a bit dirty from all the mud runs out there? Foam up your next run with the 5K Foam Fest! Imagine all the fun of running through mud, jumping over obstacles mixed with the excitement of running through a giant car wash. You will be covered in mud up to your Adam’s apple and then dodge through obstacles to emerge covered in suds. This race is more fun than a scrub in the tub on a Saturday night!

What makes us different from other mud runs? You don’t have to be the world’s toughest to enjoy the 5K Foam Fest. All you need is to be ready to party. This 3.1-mile race combines the fun of a mud run with foam and watery obstacles for an experience that is a lot like running through a giant car wash! It doesn’t matter if you eat nails for breakfast or pop-tarts; the 5K Foam Fest will convince you that running can be just like a party.

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