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Forklift Certified!

That’s right! Here at Round House Racing even the Event Coordinators can now drive a forklift! Let me tell you, never in a million years did I imagine I would drive a forklift, not really my type of work genre…but I passed! I passed with flying colors, and so did everyone else! Why may you ask did we have to learn?

Why not!




But seriously, now we can all better help set up the 5k Foam Fest course for 2013! We are so excited for our new season to start. We are ready for all the foamy fun to come. For all those without snow this Christmas, come to the 5k Foam Fest nearest you for some foamy “snow” fun in 2013.

Happy holidays from Round House Racing

We can’t wait to see you all next year!!!

Water Cooler

Gather Round!

In an office, there is almost always a water cooler. Known not only for hydration, but also as a place to gather with employees for a needed break from the working day. A great example is shown at this link: 

So with all the buzz circling around the water cooler, at Round House Racing, we tend to place our most important employee news and information nearby.

Water Cooler

WookieeWhat kind of “news” do you find around the water cooler?


Like to Party

Our name is Round House Racing… and we like to party.

Any guesses what movie quote that’s derived from? Hint: Jeff, (pictured below on the far right) wore a racing suit that exemplifies the movie. Cool beans.

Answer: Hot Rod

Although we didn’t all try to jump over 15 school buses on our  bikes, our “crew” did party together while playing laser tag. In the heat of competition, we learned who our true frienemies are…

Later that evening, we celebrated the holiday season with our annual Company Christmas Party. We gathered with our families for a delicious dinner, dessert contest, prizes, and white elephant gifts. And of course it wouldn’t be a Round House Racing event without the presence of an inflatable! (Can you tell we are missing the 5k Foam Fest? We can’t wait for next season!)

Happy Holidays!


Time for Recess

Always the favorite phrase heard among elementary school students, but today, it’s heard at Round House Racing as well. We love being active, after all, we are the creators of the 5k Foam Fest! But while we are busy planning the 5k Foam Fests for 2013, we do get a little stir crazy sitting in the office all day. And with our warm winter we have been having, we couldn’t resist taking a little recess outside. Today our office divided into teams and played Ultimate Frisbee. It got a bit competitive… but we definitely learned the importance of team work. We had a lot of fun and are now ready and focused to continue planning next year’s foamy muddy 5k Foam Fests runs for you!

What’s your favorite “recess” activity?

Rescue Mission

Round House to the rescue!

Today the office took a little field trip down to the Fire Dept and EMS building. There, we became CPR certified! That’s right, we are superheros now- we can save lives!!! We will be around to help make sure everyone is safe at each 5k Foam Fest run. And if we can’t help enough, our onsite paramedics can. (We also have Superman on speed dial.)

Which other superheros should we call in for backup?