Monthly Archives: August 2012


Alright!! If you haven’t caught wind of the news yet- here it is- Event pictures ARE up!! Pictures from the Oregon and Utah event(s) are now up for your entertainment. Its been a crazy past 2 weeks running around with back to back events, but we had the time of our lives and are finally back kicking it at the office for  the next couple days till we head out again! Thanks for the fun packed 2 weeks! Enjoy the pics! :)

Portland … ✔! Now on to Utah!

For the unfortunate people who missed it- Portland was a party and a half!! The event was   agreeably fun with tons of smiles! We were way sad to leave but are ready for our next adventure- we have already arrived in Utah and are setting up and ready for another party- don’t forget to come find us in Ogden for some more foamy fun!