Work-out plan for SEATTLE!

The count down is on! In exactly 3 days 10 hours 40 mins and 22 seconds ..(from now).. the foamy madness takes off in Seattle!! If you are our regular madness runner you have been training for WEEKS … for our wonderful other-handers, I will clue you in on 3 quick last minute workouts to insure you are in tip-top shape for the foamy madness.

Workout #1- Be sure to scale your local Space Needle. This workout will prepare you for our steep-slippery-sky high slip n’ climb.

Workout #2- Once up the Space Needle you might as well flag down a plane. You will need this to travel to the closest glacier … while here you will need to perfect the art of “penguin surfing” – this will be very helpful in succeeding through the 30foot slip n’ slide, as well as the 50foot slip n’ slide… oh, and not to mention the slick track monster.






Workout #3- Get stuck in traffic. Yes, you heard me right. Get stuck in traffic. Traffic brings out the worst in everyone, right? Well, instead of screaming out a string of profanities at the jerk in the car next to you- take some time and train for your 5k foam fest! Simply lace up your shoes, climb on top of your car, and proceed to hop from one vehicle to the next! Not only will this be helpful when you reach our tube crossing or stumpy jumper- but you will more than likely get home faster too :)

Training can be a little tough- but the results will make the 5k foam fest a breeze!

2 thoughts on “Work-out plan for SEATTLE!

    1. melaniez

      Unfortunately the pictures are not quite ready to be put up just yet. Hang on a few more days and they will be! Keep checking Facebook and our blog and we will let you know when and where the pictures will be up!


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