New Obstacle for 2014: Monkey Business

monkey business yWe’re takin’ care of business, Monkey Style! Introducing the new obstacle for 2014: Monkey Business!

Monkey Business takes your childhood playground Monkey bars to a whole new level. It is a rectangular tower with meshed ropes to form ladders. Use these ropes to climb your way through to the other side. There’s even ropes on the top, so you can crawl across upside-down! Make sure you’ve been working out your arms, because you’ll need the strength to hold on tight. 

Also, don’t forget to give out a little “oo-oo, ah-ah” as you make your way across.

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Logo-headphoneMusic is proven to enhance your workout performance by up to 15%! We know those jams can help you move and groove, which is why we’re creating The Ultimate 5k Training Playlist. Though we’ve got our top choices, we need your help! We wanna know what tunes fuel your turbo mode and get you going. So enter your song for a chance to win a free T-Shirt from the 5k Foam Fest!

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We want you… to work for the 5k Foam Fest!

StaffWant to join this good lookin’, foam lovin’, fun havin’, group of people? 


The 5k Foam Fest is looking for promo people in the city near you! This job is perfect for someone who needs a flexible schedule, such as students or part time workers.

Requirement: Must love foam!

College students: Need a summer internship? We may even be able to get you school credit depending on your University!

If you’re interested shoot an email with your resume to

Don’t want a whole job but still interested in promoting in exchange for discounts and free swag? Still shoot us an email. We love bloggers, youtube vloggers, journalists, and more. 


get ready

Race Day Essentials: Your ultimate checklist for race day prep!

get ready

Whoop Whoop! Race day is almost here but before you can gallivant through foam, climb the world’s tallest inflatable slide, and trudge through mud pits, there’s a few things you need to know!

What to Bring

  • ID
    • Everyone participating needs a valid form of identification, even the kiddos! For you adults, this means driver’s license, state ID, or passport! Kids can use a school ID or a copy of their birth certificate. We can’t let you run if we don’t know who you are!
  • The Waiver
    • Make sure you print out, sign, and bring the waiver with you to the race. You can find it by going to your race location page and scrolling down to the waiver tab. Each and every person participating in Foam Fest (including spectators) needs a copy that is signed and brought on race day, even if you signed the online waiver! There is a charge at the race if you forget this, so mark it as “very important” on your to-do list.
  • Money (Dolla Dolla Bills, Yo)
    • Make sure you bring some cash! Parking is $10 per vehicle, so try and carpool if you can. Plus you might want some extra dough for merch, food, drinks, or our sweet festival obstacles after the race.
  • A Change of Clothes, Towel, Plastic Bags
    • You’re about to get filthy clean, but we don’t have dryers, so you’ll still be wet. You’re going to want a change of clothes and a towel to dry off for the ride home. Grab a plastic bag to put your muddy shoes and wet clothes in too!
  • A Smile
    • There will be photographers all over the race, so make sure you pack those pearly whites. Plus, it’s impossible to have a bad time with a smile on your face.

What NOT to bring

  • Sharp Objects/Cleats
    • A lot of our obstacles are inflatables, including the Death Drop you’re looking forward to, so they can pop! Because of this, we don’t allow cleats or sharp objects of any kind on the course. You can leave the diamond earrings at home, because you’ll look like a gem after you get filthy clean. Also, stash your keys at Gear Check, its free!
  • Mp3′s/Electronics
    • You’re about to go on a muddy/wet adventure like the primitive era, you know, the one before cell phones, iPods, and MP3′s. While we wish technology was awesome enough to work everywhere, we won’t be responsible for any lost, damaged, or dirty electronics.
  • Pets
    • We know ol’ Fido loves mud and foam as much as your do, but pets will not be permitted on the course or in the festival area, or pretty much anywhere at the 5k Foam Fest.
  • Illegal Substances
    • You shouldn’t bring these anywhere, especially not the 5k Foam Fest.

BIB Pickup

Like an airport, we gotta check you in, so be sure to come at least ONE HOUR early to avoid lines. If you are one of those chronically late people, tell yourself you need to be there 2 hours early.

What to Wear

We said “Adventure Run” right? Well folks let’s get adventurous! You will be running in foam, mud and water so you’ll want something that can get muddy, wet, and allows you the freedom to move and groove. Costumes are the coolest but if you’re wearing one, please test it out before race day, we don’t want you running in a costume that’s just not working for you. Also your team shirt design sounds awesome, but remember there will be kids and families, so keep it appropriate. Note: We know your cleats help you get through the mud, but due to the fact that many of our obstacles are inflatables, cleats will not be permitted.

Still have questions?

If you still have more questions on what to expect, visit our FAQ page at!

5 Weeks to a 5k!

5 weeks to a 5k

So you may be a little rusty on the whole running thing. Whether it’s your first 5k or you haven’t been out to run lately because of this dreary winter, we want to make sure you are totally prepared for the 5k Foam Fest. The schedule will help you get from rest to a 5K in just 5 weeks! Here are some more tips and tricks to training before race day:

Strength training: Our race has obstacles, meaning you will be trudging through mud and climping up 2 story slides. Make sure you are strong enough for this!

Eat a balanced diet: Running is no fun when you feel weighed down by a jumbo burger, fries, and large soda. Make sure to skip the fats and obsessive carbs and get your veggie on.

Run with friends: If you don’t think you can do it by yourself, bring a friend. They can help motivate you to push farther than you have before!

Have Fun: Running is a lot better with a smile on your face, and who knows you might just make some friends along the way.


New Obstacles for 2014: The Festival Area- Get Free Tickets!

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie that you just didn’t want to end because it was so good? That’s how we think you’ll feel about Foam Fest. Good news! The fun doesn’t end after you run. After you take on the Death Drop, Lily Pads, and 15+ other obstacles, you and all your biggest fans are invited to the post race party in The Festival Area.

So what is the festival area? It’s filled with more obstacles, food, and merch so it’s pretty much a foamy carnival party. While you’re crawling in mud and sliding through foam, your friends and family can hang here till you meet up with them after the race. It’s the perfect way to let everyone- youngsters and grownups alike- get filthy clean with you on race day!

The best part of all, sign up today and get 14 FREE festival tickets (a $10 value!) with your registration.

Use the code: FESTIVAL

Check out a sneak peak at some of the obstacles coming in the festival area here!

The 6 People You’ll Meet at Foam Fest

  road runnerThe Road Runner- Sometimes we wonder if he ever stops running anywhere. From 5k’s to marathons, he’s there. You may even catch him jogging in place in the registration line. He brings the competition and will probably be the first one done in his heat. He gets the self-claimed title of winner, because at Foam Fest everyone gets a medal.freddie frat

Freddie Frat- The college kid, the party guy. He likes the foam that’s in his beer a little more than the foam on the course. Like Ke$ha, the party doesn’t start till he runs in. You’ll catch him with all of his friends, shot gunning a Mike’s Hard at the finish line.

the new girl

The New Girl- She may not have run a 5K before, but the thought of foam and obstacles was too enticing. She’ll let you go first at the top of the Death Drop, because she didn’t think the world record tall slide was really going to be that tall. The thought of all the mud scares her, but by the end of it she’ll love the new dirty look.mud gang

The Mud Mob- Forget the day at the spa, these gals are getting their mud baths at the Foam Fest. They are taking the day off from glamour and getting dirty. They come as a team to help each other in the foamy situations. Plus, you don’t truly know your friends until they are covered in foam.

healthy housewife

The Healthy Homemaker- She’s the Momma bear of family. While trying to keep track of Thing 1 and Thing 2, she’s finding activities that don’t involve video games and junk food for the family. Finally she can let the kids make mud pies and even join in on the fun too.

The Helpless Husband- Fortunately, he was dragged to the race by his wife, the Healthy Homemaker, but it turns out he ends up having a blast! His kids look up to him like a hero as he holds their hand through the mud pools and down the Death Drop. The Foam Fest gets him outta his comfort zone and into the world of active, foamy fun.

Foamy Philanthropy

IMG_1275This was a letter received by Nicole just a few weeks after the LA Foam Fest. Anyone who has lost their license before knows that the chances of getting it back are slim to none, especially between obstacles of mud and foam!

At Foam Fest, we’re all about philanthropy! Every small act of kindness counts. Whether it be helping someone who lost something or just a smile to a stranger, we think being charitable is pretty great.

We love this story because it shows the genuine kindness in the Foamster community. So give someone a little help, or even just give them a smile and in the words of this anonymous letter sender, stay active!

5 Ways to Maximize Your Fun at the Foam Fest 5k!

We know what you’re thinking, how could the Foam Fest get any more fun? Well here are a few suggestions to make your awesome weekend, extremely awesome!


1)      Bring your friends- What’s more fun than slip n’ sliding your way through a foamy obstacle course? Doing it with your friends! Even if they don’t run the race, we have an all new festival area for your biggest fans. Plus, as you get down and dirty, you’ll want someone there to have dry clothes and take pictures for you.

make a weekend

2)      Make a weekend out of it- Did you know all of our venues have a host hotel you get a discount at through the 5k Foam Fest! If you’re coming from far away or just need to get out of the city for the weekend, grab some friends and stay at the hotel near the venue! Even better, you won’t have to clean your own shower after you wash off all the mud! You can find the host hotel by going here ( then clicking on your venue, then lodging.


3)      Come in costume- Halloween doesn’t have to be the only day of the year you get to dress up. Foam Fest is all about the crazy costumes. Last year we had everything from a wedding couple, to loofas and super heroes! What will we see you in this year?

Advice: Practice running in your costume and know how the fabric feels when it gets wet. You won’t want to be stuck on race day in a costume that is just not working for you.

if found on ground

4)      Training- The 5K Foam Fest is for beginners and hard core runners alike, but it’s going to be a lot more fun if you start exercising before race day. Don’t get stuck in the mud (literally) on race day as you try to cross the treacherous mud pits or balance on the log roller. Get training and you are sure to do better on race day.


5)      Take before and after pictures- A picture is worth a thousand words but having fun is worth a million! We want to see how foamtastically dirty you get, so take pictures before and after and post them on Instagram with the hashtag “#5kfoamchallengeCITYNAME”! We’ll pick one winner from each location to get free Foam Fest gear! *The city name will change depending on the city your event is in. Stay tuned on race day to find out your specific hashtag!

We know, it seems impossible to get even better, but using these tips you can make Foam Fest the highlight of your year! Can’t wait to see you there!

World Cancer Day- How getting active can help!

world cancer day

What if the entire world joined forces to fight cancer?

Today, February 4th is World Cancer Day, a day when organizations and individuals around the world send a message: Ending cancer should be a global health priority. Here at the 5K Foam Fest, we agree!

Did you know exercise is one of the most important actions you can take to help guard against many types of cancer? Up to one-third of cancer-related deaths are due to obesity and an inactive lifestyle, including two of the most common cancers, breast and colon cancer.

We encourage you Foamsters to get active, get healthy, and share the message of World Cancer Day.