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Prices will increase at midnight Mountain Time on the dates listed above. Prices subject to change at 5K Foam Fest's discretion. NOTICE: Prices may vary depending on wave time. Please click the 'Register' button to see waves and wave pricing.


Dear Charleston Foamsters,

We have some big news! Due to low participant numbers in your area, and the sheer fact that Foam is funner with friends, we are combining the Charleston and Charlotte Foam Fests!! 
The event will still be held on May 3rd but will be moved to:

Hodges Farm
3900 Rocky River Rd.
East Charlotte NC 28215

We know this is a bit of a trek for some of you, so for those who make the journey to Charlotte you will receive a $25 refund on your registration as well as a $25 promo code to our online merchandise store! We can’t wait to see you strut your stuff in Charlotte with your new Foam Fest apparel!

For those who are not able to make this change work for them you can email us and request a full refund of your registration, but we hate to see you go!

So make a weekend out of it! Pack your family, pack your dog, pack your….lunch? Whatever you pack, make sure you email us at and let us know if you will be joining us! See you in Foam!

A Child's Hope Foundation

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Fitness is about achieving the best for yourself; charity is about helping others achieve theirs. Four years ago we set out to create runs and races focused around both fitness and charity. Knowing that the best companies are those that give back to their communities, we decided from day 1 to make philanthropy a core pillar of our business. Thanks to your participation in our 2013 events we were able to donate over a quarter of a million dollars to local charities nationwide. For 2014 we’ve set a goal to double our charitable contributions and raise $500,000. We’re partnering with A Child’s Hope Foundation (ACHF) to provide housing and basic necessities to orphaned children in developing countries. Together we are working to purchase land and construct new housing for infants, children and teenagers. Why orphans in 3rd world countries? Simply put because they have the least amount of support. These children rely completely on the aide of others merely to survive, let alone thrive. In meeting with these children we have seen their Everests of potential, and we saw firsthand how even a little help can make a huge impact. We know that you, like us, care about making a difference. We appreciate you joining our cause in making a dramatic difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Sleep Inn

Sleep Inn is our host hotel and is available for $143.99 Friday, May 2. You can also extend your stay Saturday, May 3 at the same rate - make it a weekend getaway! Call the Sleep Inn to book your room today and mention you are racing in the 5k Foam Fest in order to get the special rate. 843-556-6959

Sleep Inn
1524 Savannah Hwy US 17 S
Charleston, SC 29407

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Happy Wheels

Are you ready to be awesome in May? Running obstacles for a cause... that's awesome! By registering in the race for Happy Wheels, you are helping to fund a program that lights up the faces of approximately 300 sick children each week. Happy Wheel volunteers push a large cart positively LOADED with new toys and books around the hallways of local South Carolina children's hospitals. As the cart rolls up to their hospital room door, each kid gets to pick his or her favorite item and it is theirs to keep and take home when they leave. The Happy Wheels cart offers a free gift to every child patient whose maladies include cancer, leukemia, heart and lung diseases, traumas, diabetes, as well as numerous other issues. 

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We know your pals can’t wait to watch you dive head first through foam, but we wanted to give your cheering section something to do while you recover from that last face plant! Introducing our festival area! Filled with fun, games, and TONS of foam for all of your fans, it’s the perfect way to let everyone—youngsters, foamsters, spectators and grown-ups alike—get filthy clean with you on race day!

Head on over to the ticket booth to score yourself some tickets and you’re ready to jump in on the fun! And don’t forget to check out all the vendors on site for some great food, more fun, and even more cool stuff!