Largest Team of the 2013?

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Largest Team to Date: 70

Team Name Team Size Team Location
Wild Monkeys 23 Salt Lake City
THE 5150ERS 49 Los Angeles
PCL Foaminators 70 Portland
Foaming Falcons 26 Seattle
NE Spahtens 37 New England
IWannaLaiuYou 23 Ohio
METropolitan Fitness 44 Tri-State
C*R*A*B*B 55 Pittsburgh
Norfolk-in-Chance 60 Detroit
PHCN Mud Slingers 60 Detroit
Wedron Silica Team America 50 Chicago
The Seahawk Squacks 27 Richmond
Agony of De Feet 40 Nashville
The Workout Pro 21 Dallas
Warrior Frogs 21 Dallas
Trained Assassins 19 San Antonio
Real Fitter 34 Baton Rouge
DB2 21 Atlanta 21 Atlanta
The Mud Thugs 19 Jacksonville
Foamy Nurses 31 Orlando
Camel Mudders 19 Miami

What makes a team?

What in the world could possibly be more fun than running through a course chuck full of mud, foam, and obstacles? Running through it with your friends, of course! Check out our video to see how much fun you can have together!

Well, you'll need bodies. So grab your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members and get them registered! Your team can be as big as you want as long as you've got at least 5 people. And remember, the only way to make sure you all get to run in the same wave is to register early and together, so don't wait! Otherwise we can't guarantee that you'll be flying around in foam with your friends.

How do I join a team? When you register for your location, you'll see the "Add a Team" or "Join Existing Team" options. Select the appropriate option and follow the directions. Each team member must be registered for the same wave or time, under the same name, and must sign his or her own liability waiver.

If you’ve already put your team together and are just looking to register, CLICK HERE!

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